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 Nepotism is Nepotism

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Nepotism is Nepotism Empty
PostSubject: Nepotism is Nepotism   Nepotism is Nepotism EmptyMon Sep 10, 2012 12:46 am

After reading Mr. Neufville essay on Nepotism in the Liberian dialogue, I am obliged to join my friend and brother Ralph in debunking his argument. I think the appointment of Robert, Charles and Fumba is nepotistism at it highest level on the part of President Sirleaf. Ralph already said that it was practiced in the US and that progessive leaders have enacted laws to stop such a behavior. I have no problem with the credentials of the President's three sons. The problem I have is the President refusal to provide good governance. I would have thought that she will help to anact law that will pevent any branch of government leadership from appointing their relatives in senior political level position. Their relatives can provide public service to their country through the civil service screening process instead of political appointment. One of the most disturbing act of nepostism exhibited by the President was appointing Robert Sirleaf to serve as advisor to the President, Special Project coordinator and Chairman of the board of NOCAL. How can one man serve in three capacities when there are qualify Liberians in the country who can't find job. Liberians need to wake up from their sleep and pressurize their law makers to help stop bad public policy behavior. I hope Mr. Neufville will call on the President to do things differently in her second term as the Liberians people are watching as well as the international community.
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Nepotism is Nepotism
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