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 Reliving G. Bacchus Matthews

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PostSubject: Reliving G. Bacchus Matthews   Mon Sep 12, 2011 5:11 am

Exactly four years ago, a true and dedicated nationalist leader, who cared for all the people of Liberia, departed where he would have loved to always be. He dedicated his entire life to the service of his people using every means at his disposal. It is therefore with utmost humility and great deference that I pen down this homage to the late National Hero, Gabriel Bacchus Matthews. He was a National Hero from a humble beginning. The Liberian political history can never be written without mentioning his work. He might have won for himself many enemies but his heroism during the multi-party struggle will be always be missed.

He told me almost a year to his death, that, when a person leaves this world, to be never seen again, it is believed that he/she is dead. He recounted that since his childhood he had listened to several stories. He continued to recount that when a child is born, the child grows and becomes an adult and goes to God one day. What happens to the person in the grave nobody seems to answer. Then I interrupted him and said, the soul leaves the body. He then questioned me “who has seen it”? I continued my interruption now also questioning him, is it the soul that makes a person speak or move? He answered calmly; it is only the physical body that one can talk about, nothing beyond it.

Today, four years down the road, I have come to realize the meaning of his satire. As strong as Gabriel Bacchus Matthews was, he will never be seen on earth again! All that remains is his legacy; his unbending quest to institute multi-party politics in Liberia! For me, a member of this generation, his life is a library for knowledge and a fountain! A cloud of sorrow descends upon me every time I write a line in memory of the man referred to as the Political Maradona of Liberia. His unwavering support to instituting multi-party politics remains the single most sacrifice anyone could do in during the oligarchy!

He was prepared to die for the love of his people and country. He was consistent and truly patriotically stubborn in his conviction for a democratic Liberia. He was consistent and predicable leader of the masses, an ideology he cherished until death. He fought against imperialism and a decadent one-party state. He fought for the political independence we enjoy today. His footsteps must truly be emulated. The present generation must now proclaim their steadfastness to ensure that the future generation of Liberia shall never again be subjected to slavery and servitude for which thousands have sacrificed their lives!

G-Bac instilled into us that, we shall remain conscious that our freedom and independence came about because of the blood of the fallen brothers on April 14, 1979. And as I young man, I must therefore resonate with the undeniable fact that at no time during the dark history of our country, the 133 years of an absolute monarchy has Liberia been more peaceful since the introduction of multi-party politics. Change itself is difficult. Some heroes and heroines had to shed to have the democracy we have today.

With his death, Liberia lost one of the most vigilant custodians of our freedom, who never feared to speak up on matters of principle. He will remain an example of a courageous life, dedicated and inspired by the highest values a democrat and a man of principle can aspire to. For me, He served his people and his nation, without a thought of self-enrichment or aggrandizement. G-Bac added substance and vigor to whatever he did.

General Matthews, you were a revolutionary soldier. I am sure that you are happy and content wherever you are and as I write today it will end up as true story. But never mind I'll go on praising you till my last breathe, of life. This is one thing which I should always do in loving memory of my political general.

Thank you, General Gabriel Bacchus Matthews for serving Liberia.

[B]M. Boakai Jaleiba, Jr.,
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Reliving G. Bacchus Matthews
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