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 Concern UPP Partisans Condemn Political Marriage Between UPP and UP in Monrovia

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PostSubject: Concern UPP Partisans Condemn Political Marriage Between UPP and UP in Monrovia   Thu Jan 06, 2011 3:20 am

Philadelphia, PA 01/04/2011. We, the concerned partisans of the United People’s Party (UPP) hereby condemn in the strongest possible terms the recent political marriage of convenience between the so-called Executives leadership of the Party and Unity Party (UP) led government of Liberia.

The decision by some elements of our party to support the candidacy of Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf in 2011, a failed leader whose major achievements have been awarding cronies and closest relatives political favors and colossal failure to tackle corruption on account of which our country had gained notoriety as the most corrupt country as indicated by the Transparency report.

This cowardly act sets the wrong precedence and contravenes the core values and founding principles of the party. The very essence of the UPP was a fight for social justice, which champions the cause of the people and multi party democracy. The sweat, tears and blood of our people will not be compromised by a handful of self-centered individuals who have no sense of belonging and direction. It is apparent that these pseudo progressives were never agents of change and their roles over the period have been that of political scavengers seeking political aggrandizement at the expense of the party and its membership.

These carpet baggers of the party that surreptitiously engaged in this criminal act were never agents of change nor speak for the vast majority of our party’s membership. We therefore categorically condemn the decision to merge the party with the corrupt Unity Party of Liberia, an offspring of the TWP whose leadership suppressed the masses of the Liberian people for one hundred thirty-three (133) years. These shameless individuals now in bed with the reactionaries are speaking for and representing themselves not the UPP, the first mass based political party of Liberia.

We will not sit idly by to see the dreams and aspirations of our founding fathers both dead and alive to be squandered by individuals who have outlived their political usefulness. The late Chairman Emeritus, Hon. Gabriel Baccus Matthews will frown upon this party even in his grave if we allow these carpet beggars in the like of Wesley M. Johnson, Blamo Nelson, Marcus Dahn, Mabutu F. Nyenpan, O. Natty B. Davis and F. Musa Dean to reverse the course of our history and destroy the gains made thus far.

We therefore, call upon likeminded progressives to join us in this crusade to liberate our country from the vestiges of the old order which had been reincarnated under this UP Administration.

Finally, we want to salute Chairman Matthews for his heroic deeds that led us out of the political dungeon prior to the historic 1980.

In the Cause of the People, the Struggle Continues
T. Roosevelt Jardia
G. Nagbe Saylee
Philip Diah-Kpodo
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Concern UPP Partisans Condemn Political Marriage Between UPP and UP in Monrovia
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