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 Dr. Fahnbulleh is an Opportunist

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PostSubject: Dr. Fahnbulleh is an Opportunist   Fri Dec 31, 2010 6:50 am

All and Sundry,

From reading Fahnbulleh's letter, I think he is the most dishonest and inconsistent figure in contemporary political times. Dr. Tipoteh has maintained consistency toward the political struggle of our people. Dr. Fahnbulleh with all his useless talking points has shown that he has no spine in his belly and he is a political opportunist for conniving with gravy and job seekers like Wesley Johnson, Dr. Marcus Dahn and the rest in selling progressive institutions to War monger President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. Let the word go forth that we will resist this alliance at every level of our lives.

However our quest to keep the progressive struggle alive is on course and come 2011, we will do all our best to defeat the corrupt regime of Madame Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. The people struggle must continue irrespective of misguided letter from people like Dr. H. Bioma Fahnbulleh. I hope he will give back his portion of the US25,000 received from the regime of Madame Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to betray the people struggle. Please read Dr. Fahnbulleh's letter below and judge for yourself.

Alanta, Georgia

You Are Being Dishonest Here’: Dr. Fahnbulleh Writes Dr. Tipoteh
12/30/2010 - Dr. H.Boima Fahnbulleh, Jr., Contributing Writer

‘You Are Being Dishonest Here’: Dr. Fahnbulleh Writes Dr. Tipoteh

Dear Dr. Tipoteh:

I read with amusement your outburst that those Executive members of the APD who signed the statement of support for Madam Sirleaf's 2nd term bid are opportunists and were "the same individuals who received US 25,000 from the Unity Party during the last Montserrado County senatorial by-election as enticement to support its candidate."

You are being dishonest here as you know that I knew nothing about any money given by the Unity Party "as enticement to support its candidate," although I signed the statement of the APD supporting madam Sirleaf's 2nd term bid. This attempt to cast aspersion on the integrity of some of us while pretending to be upright and principled demonstrates the folly that has bedeviled your leadership style all these years.

I consider your outburst reckless and irresponsible as you know some of us very well and are aware that we are not of the mercenary breed. We have our convictions and have through the years dealt with politics tactically and strategically. Whatever your intentions are in coming out with these generalised absurdities, you have shown an inclination that some of us hoped throughout the years would never come within the public domain.

As regards progressive and opportunist,the records are there and since some of us were there at the inception of the political dynamics that altered the trajectory of our country, we will hold our fire for now but rest assured that the time is coming soon when our people will see the records and be able to judge between the real progressive revolutionaries and the obsequious weaklings who pushed others to risk their lives while they kept quiet and safe, hoping to inherit victory. But as is evident today, history's verdict can be merciless on those who vacillate at the decisive moment of great historical transition.

Neither money nor position can buy us!

Only the people's consciousness can persuade us!!

The Fatherland we serve eternally!!!

Individuals we observe carefully!!!!


H.Boima Fahnbulleh, Jr.

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Dr. Fahnbulleh is an Opportunist
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