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 UPP Partisans in the US Discuss Socallled Merger with UP......

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PostSubject: UPP Partisans in the US Discuss Socallled Merger with UP......   Mon Dec 20, 2010 2:02 pm

It has come to the attention of UPP partisans in the US that the Party leadership in Monrovia has merged with Unity Party without consultation with the branch in the US. Partisans in the US were surprised at the decision of Dr. Dahn and his gravy and job seeking leadership in Monrovia. Infact Dr. Dahn was never relected by a congress of the party in Monrovia. However members of the Party in the USA after reading the story on Frontpage are gearing for a meeting to discuss the merger. You can read the article from FPA below.

In the Cause of the People, the struggle continues!

Isaac T. Settro, Jr.

Vice Chairman

UPP-Progressive Action Committee/USA

culled from FPA below:

Is Ellen Neutralizing Progressives? Baccus’ United People’s Party Joins Ruling UP
12/20/2010 - David B. Kolleh FPA Staff Writer 06310032

Monrovia -


he dream of the late Baccus Matthews, the man credited in the Liberian body polity as the founding father of multi-party democracy in the country, is poised for its final interment, as the progressive block that was formed in a bid to discourage a one party state in Liberia has now broken ties with their various political parties and are joining the Ruling Unity Party (UP), while others are joining new parties.

The late Baccus Matthews during what was considered the ‘dark era in the Liberia Political history was the first voice; who having attained Western Education returned to the Country and began what was considered a ‘perilous crusade’ in a struggle to emancipate the country out of a one party state to multi-party democracy.

The late Gabriel Baccus Matthews
The late Matthews insistence that it was undemocratic and uncivilized to have a nation governed by a single party (True Whig party), since the establishment of the country, gave rise to a popular support from the military which was at the time dominated by the under privileged majority, and subsequently the Progressive.

The Progressive constituted a conglomeration of politicians who were critical about the form of governance of the country. Among those things that the progressive of which Mr. Matthews was a ranking member, were the appalling governance of the state, the censorship on free speech and the unequal distribution of the country’s resources.

After the consolidated struggle of the late United People’s Party (UPP) top man, the country witnessed the first sets of new parties coming to the Political limelight for the first time in the history of the country. The Liberia Unification Party (LUP) of Mr. Gabriel Kpolleh a class room teacher at the Tubman High School then, the Liberia Action Party (LAP) of Mr. Jackson F. Doe a politician and the Unity Party (UP) of Mr. Edward Beyan Kesselly a staunch opposition Politician.

All of these parties were seen because; according to the late Baccus Matthews history have named men to be great not only because of their work but also their ability to make decisions and make sacrifices that other men though capable have failed to achieve.

Matthews is no more, but his dream and work in the country is remembered to date. Politicians have said of him as a valiant character, who stood and fought for just cost.

It has not been many years since the death of Mr. Matthews that Liberia appears gradually returning into a one Party State. Politicians, who spoke so strongly against the one party State, are themselves allegedly trading their popular struggle in exchange for jobs and other personal reasons. Even though they are aware that one of the stated purposes for the discouragement of one-party-state was to enhance democracy and the breaking of the unequal distribution of the nation’s resources.

Five years into the amalgamation of its separate halves, Liberia faces a critical crisis of transformation. Assertions that Liberia is not in perfect working condition observers say is not news. This is an empirically verifiable fact. The cumulative effects of epic transgression against the nation have now appeared in a bold sense.

The incumbent is succeeding in winning over members of the opposition block.

Dr. Macus Dahn a founding member of the progressive is now employed by the UP led government as Deputy Minister for administration Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs. Mr. Dahn who currently serves as Chairman of UPP is said to now be in talks with top officials of the ruling party for a possible merger, and have already voted in-house to support the UP in the upcoming general and presidential elections. There is not a member of the progressive who has been left untouched by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf since she formed her government almost five years ago sources say.

Professor Edwin Tetteh was named Deputy Minister for Administration at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, while O. Natty B. Davis has landed at the National Investment Commission (NIC) as its new Chairman, replacing Dr. Richard Tolbert. Cllr. Musa Dean was appointed by the President as Chairman of the Board of the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL). Ambassador Fred Bass Golakeh is also serving as a board member of the National Port Authority (NPA). For Ambassador Wesley Johnson former vice Chairman of the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL) and last Chairman of the UPP, he was named by the Chief Executive as Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

This form of Political strategy according to political observers by the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf led administration is classical fight to restore the old order of a one party state. Political observers say these ‘Progressives’ serving at the will and pleasure of the Chief Executive further naturalizes their resolve to speak against societal ills and other forms of social injustices.

Nearly six months ago Liberia witnessed a merger that most Liberians had thought would have never been possible, the unholy marriage of the Liberia Action Party (LAP) of Cllr. Varney Chairman as Standard Bearer and the ruling party. Sherman was strongly against the election of President Sirleaf. In the same arrangement LUP joined that band wagon, dissipating the hopes of strong any opposition.

Many Political actors have also accused their colleagues of selling out their parties in exchange for jobs, though they’ve countered these assertions by their colleagues.

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UPP Partisans in the US Discuss Socallled Merger with UP......
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