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 Financial Expert Hails Ellen's Dev. Initiatives

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PostSubject: Financial Expert Hails Ellen's Dev. Initiatives   Thu Nov 18, 2010 4:55 am

Financial Expert Hails Ellen's Dev. Initiatives
Mr. Fallah
Mr. Fallah

Mr. Austin S. Fallah a US-based Liberian financial expert has praised the development efforts of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf''s Government. Outlining some of the efforts undertaken by President Sirleaf on the main campus of St. Catherine's Catholic University (St. Kate) of Minnesota on the observance of African Night by that institution, Mr. Fallah said social and economic developments have taken roots and the government must be commended by all well meaning Liberians. Mr. Fallah with other experts spoke on the topic:

The Africa You Never See (Skipped Africa), said educational, medical and other infrastructures are being built in the country. He said more women and children are now in school than ever before in the country. The young Liberian who received a standing ovation from the audience when he said such efforts must be buttressed by all Liberians. He praised the international community, particularly the United States of America for standing by one of her oldest friends in times of need.

Addressing the students, faculty, parents and well wishers at the

Ravenhurst Ballroom, Mr. Fallah said the new wave of social, political and economic development taking place in Africa must not seize but rather should continue if Africa is to one day become the leader of the world.

He said many good things have come from Africa, naming President Barrack Obama, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, himself, the African students present at the occasion among many others. The US based financial expert said that in Liberia today, Liberians can openly criticize their leader without being arrested. He said there have been some isolated situations, like any nation in the world. He stated that Liberia is one of the nations in the world without any political prisoner with open oppositions.

Mr. Fallah called on Liberians to see the progress made thus far by Ellen and give her another chance in the interest of continuity of progress. He said the foundation laid by the present government must continue and ensure that the reconstruction of Liberia in all aspects should not be stalled.

He then called on Liberians to vote for only those, particularly the

members of the national legislature who will have the ability to produce and give the nation what it deserves. He said they should vote for those who will measure up to their international counterparts and that the time for trial is over and the nation must come on par with international standards if it is to be taken seriously by the international community.

Mr. Fallah said African leaders who have failed to educate women and children to be self independent must shift leadership to those who believe in equal treatment for all. He said the leadership qualities that Ellen has exemplified in Africa and the world speaks to what women can do in unifying people and bringing sanity to the hopeless and the needy.

He challenged the young ladies to follow the good examples that

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf continue to lay down. Mr. Fallah holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the St. Mary's Catholic University of Minnesota and is currently a supervisor in the Financial Analysis and Accounting Department of Hennepin County Government of Minnesota, the county that is host to almost the population of Liberians living in the State of Minnesota.

Before leaving for the U.S for further studies, he worked at the Finance Ministry where he was respected for frequently speaking on economic issues in Liberia.
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Financial Expert Hails Ellen's Dev. Initiatives
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