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 Maxwell inThe House!

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PostSubject: Maxwell inThe House!   Fri Jul 11, 2008 5:29 am

From - What Ya Listening to?

Ladies, Maxwell was in the house and I ain't talking about coffee.
I'm talking about that tall drink of cream mocha, that graced the stage
at this years B.E.T. Wards. Move over youngsters because the King of
R&B was there to claim his throne. There are no words to express
except...(THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!!)the
shear joy I felt when I saw Maxwell and heard his still amazing voice,
it was like I died and went to Heaven. A simply beautiful arrangement
of "Simply Beautiful."

Thank You again Lord, for letting all the Women at the WELL, get another chance to MAX out!
Mommy Dearest

Below is a portion of an article written by Soul Bounce entitled:

"Maxwell Shocks, Awes and Delights at the BET Awards"

be told, I'm still a little shook. I was so not expecting that last
night--or any night for that matter. With the relatively low profile
that Maxwell has kept over the past few years, his cryptic MySpace
messages and one pitifully short snippet of new music since 2001, its
been hard to be a Maxwell fan of late. Prior to last night, many had
written him off. But not us here at SBHQ. We've been holding out for
our musical hero, and he finally blessed us with this "Simply
Beautiful" surprise.

Dressed in a tailored gray suit, crisp
white shirt and designer sunglasses, Maxwell took to the stage at the
Shrine Auditorium and made Al's "Simply Beautiful" his own. He sounded
as good as I remembered him sounding and, despite no longer rocking his
once-signature fro of curls, he looked as fine as ever. And not only
was his performance of the Al Green classic pitch perfect, but his
stage presence was incredible. Maxwell exuded pure, unadulterated sex
appeal, especially when he told no one in particular to take off her
dress but to leave on the pumps. I'm sure there were a number of women
across the country standing in their living rooms with nothing but
their heels on after he made that command. Lord knows I was
contemplating it.

If there was ever any doubt (and admittedly
I've had them myself) that Maxwell was coming back, this was his public
declaration that he is here and here to stay. Mark my words, when he
comes back full throttle with his new album and concert tour, he will
shut the game down. All these R&B and soul cats--many of whom I
love, mind you--will just have to fall back and let the man regain his
throne. Don't ever wonder, indeed.

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Maxwell inThe House!
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